Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt + Vanessa Wash a Car

Once again I nearly die laughing at a shoot. We had too too much fun with this one. Matt and I had to get ourselves into quite an interesting position in order to get the shots of Vanessa singing in the car. Speaking of the car, isn't it the coolest car ever?? I love it. I love these two!! They are so funny and awesome. We got along swimmingly.

Matt + Andgie + A SLC Wedding

Matt and Angie! I love these two too much! They are so easy to be with. And they are hysterical which is always a plus (you will see what I mean if Matt lets me post his prom request video on my blog. Please Matt?!!) This temple shoot was seriously perfection. The weather was fab, the crowds were low, and the subjects were stunning! Things I love: Angie's dress, Angie's earrings (are you kidding me with those things?!!), Matt looking straight out of the 60s with his awesome hair and his fabulous grey suit, Angie's necklace on her bouquet (soul sister ;) ), little boys in sweater vests. I'm a sucker for sweater vests. Enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chris + Lauren + A Wedding

This is a same day edit I did the other day. Oh Chris and Lauren. How I love them. I think if I could choose to look like anyone in the world it would be Lauren. She is simply stunning. Do you love the song? Yes. You do. It is perfect. And I have to say I loved the wedding party! Everyone was so kind and loving all day long. I wish all my weddings were this fun. Love love. Yes yes.

Matt + Angie: Our Story

High school sweethearts! I love it! They have a super cute story. I especially like their first kiss story - ha ha ha. These two are totally in love. It has been so fun working with them. I can't wait for their wedding TOMORROW!!

Matt + Angie + A Couple of Go Carts

This shoot was hilarious! These two were so cute together. I was way excited to film with the go carts. What an original idea! There is a little cameo near the end of our little friend who helped us out all day - Dude had some sweeeet moves. Aren't Angies eyelashes unreal? Poor Matt is so tall he had to origami his body to fit in the go carts. We were dying. So so much fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chris + Lauren: Our Story

I was literally laying on the ground laughing at this shoot. I could barely get the shot I needed because I was laughing so dang hard. Chris had the brilliant idea to play croquet polo-style. So so funny. Maybe you had to be there, but I still laugh every time I see the piggy back shots. Are you kidding me with Lauren's perfect little croquet outfit and hat? To die for. And their story is DARLNG! I love it! Love these two. They feel like old friends at this point. I can't wait to see all the cuteness Lauren has in store for their wedding day. It's sure to be fabulous!