Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chase + Allie + a Charming Reception

I had the privilege of filming my husband's cousin's wedding day and holy cow! The details that went into this reception are endless and amazing! So adorable! I always say that I would change everything about my wedding except the groom. This reception is an example of why. Things I love: The lemonade stand, the "bride" and "groom" signs, the baby getting bum pats (might be my child), the photos on the clothes line, the little boy on the monkey bars (might be my child), the rocking chairs, the jar lights hanging from the trees, the little girls giggling on the bench (again, might be my child - in the sweater - and niece), the darling candy table. Job well done, Allie! Love you guys!

Chase + Allie + The St George Temple

I will start by saying I love these two!! The groom is my husband's cousin so this was a family wedding. Hooray for family weddings! I love shooting family. I love family. So I have known the groom now for 10 years and we hadn't said so much as boo to each other until his wedding day. Let me tell you, kid is super cool! I love him! And I love DOVE his wifey - Allie is a total DOLL! Super unique dress, flowers, hair (I was obsessed with her up-do!) Very talented girl in the style department, I must say. Awesome day. Darling couple. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tyler + Nicole + A Swank Reception

Tyler and Nicole had their reception at Spark (a night club in Down Town Provo). Very hip. Very cool. Very Down Town. Also very dark - I was nervous about the dark but I think it makes the video look AWESOME! It captures the ambiance, no? Yes. Yes it does. Things I love: The cake, the freaking DARLING drinks, the eclectic flower arrangements, the fabulous fabulous car the couple left in ( I want to say it was a Lamborghini?), the red carpet, the first dance. Love, love, love.

Brandon + Amanda + The Big Day!

You wish you were at this wedding. Everyone is so dang FUNNY! Things I loved: Stunning Amanda, lively hysterical groomsmen, darling grandpa with his darling hat, Brandon's sweet dad and his camera, little boys in yellow ties, brief appearance by the rain (I love rain - in moderation), and last but not least, Brandon - Boy seriously had me in stitches all day long. As usual. Love this couple!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gracie Girl

Meet Gracie. Oh my goodness, this little girl kills me. She is so so cute!! And so smart too! Her mom and I had a ball following her around all afternoon. She's a total doll. And how PERFECT is this song?! Loved this shoot.