Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt + Vanessa Wash a Car

Once again I nearly die laughing at a shoot. We had too too much fun with this one. Matt and I had to get ourselves into quite an interesting position in order to get the shots of Vanessa singing in the car. Speaking of the car, isn't it the coolest car ever?? I love it. I love these two!! They are so funny and awesome. We got along swimmingly.


  1. Well done! I love the video. Congrats Matt!

  2. Best video ever! Lilly is the best! Vanessa and I are so glad we did this! I hope you're around for a long time, because we thought it would be fun to do these for our anniversaries. Thanks again Lilly!

  3. My mom Regenia shared this with me. She works with vanessas dad. This is so adorable!!! I can't wait to see the video when the baby is born:-)))