Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For Jessica

Get your Kleenex box out, 'cause you're gonna need it.

What a total and complete privilege to be a part of this project. This story is so touching and beautiful. I'm embarrassed to say that I have been on the fence in the past about being an organ donor. This experience has converted my thoughts on that forever.

What a fun day filming this sweet little family. I didn't even mind when they locked their keys in the car and had to have the police come and open it for them. We's just chillin' waitin' on the po po. Love Mimi and John. For life.

Also love this outrageously beautiful song by little miss Mindy Gledhill. Lovely girl. Lovely song.

Enjoy! And be an organ donor for crying out loud!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Matt + Angie + An Outdoor Reception

I had no idea I came away from this reception with such amazing footage. I can't take credit for that. Angie did an amazing job with the details and their bridal party was too cool for me to even breath. I have such a crush on one of the guitarists. Don't tell him that. My favorite part? They couldn't find the knife to cut the cake so they improvised and used a candy scoop. I have never seen a cake cut so quickly and efficiently. Most couples battle for a good 2 or 3 minutes to get a piece of cake to work with that ends up looking like a massacred lump of crumbs. Not the case with the candy scoop as you will see. I think everyone should follow suit. And then there is the song. Lust for this song. I love love love when couples let me choose the music because THIS IS THE RESULT! This song is the definition of perfection for this event. Yes. Yes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thomas + Aubrey: Our Story

These two have the best story! Literally love it. And the way they tell it is so so darling. You'll laugh. You'll cry. And if you don't, I'm sorry to inform you, you don't have a heart. And then there's the end...wait for it. Best groom speech of all time award goes to Thomas Danger Osmond. Lovely. Most darling/infectious laugh award goes to Miss Aubrey Dawn Ballows. Hands DOWN! Love these two. It's bordering inappropriate.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thomas + Aubrey + Some Wicked Dirt Bikes

I. Love. This. Couple. Little more needs to be said in regards to these two. We are a match made in heaven. We share views on love, life, and construction. Plus they are both so so cute! Good looking, no? What shenanigans will I get into next. At one point during the shoot I had to ride on the back of Thomas' bike. I spent the entire experience in terror, fearing for my life while my nose ran off my face. Suuuper attractive. We seriously had a total blast. This is when I love my job the most. I'm wetting my pants in anticipation for their wedding later this month. Not literally. That's gross. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Seriously one of my favorite videos OF ALL TIME! I'm putting it on my website - that's how much I love it. Things I'm obsessed with: Little Red's costume - sheer perfection. The wolf's sandals - I could eat those sandals. The Mom (Holly) - stunning and elegant as usual. The clothespins and twine. The apples. The chair. The monkey and crayons. The entire shoot was executed perfectly thanks to Holly. All I had to do was show up, point, and shoot. LOVE THIS VIDEO!! Oh, and happy birthday Nic!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scott + Jessie: Our Story

Scott and Jessie - what a darling darling couple!! I love how they met because that is how I met my husband. I also love Scott's answer to "Who is going to change your children's dirty diapers?". Hysterical. Such a fun couple. They have such a sweet relationship. These two are going to be very happy together.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nate + Graceann + Autumn Togetherness

These two are so cute! I love that they went with the fall/pumpkins theme for this video. My favorite part is when Nate fixes Graceann's earring. I don't think most men would know how to do that - ha ha. These two were so much fun to film. I can't wait to do their wedding in a few weeks!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Daniel + Julie + A Surprise Engagement

I had the privilege of filming these two get engaged!! I felt very stealth hiding in the dark, lying in wait for Julie's arrival. This moment was SO COOL to be a part of. The genuine love and raw emotion in this video are seriously what I live for. Especially when Julie starts to cry. Goosebumps. It's shoots like these where I can't believe I get paid to do what I do. I love it so much it doesn't even feel like work.

Friday, September 30, 2011


This was such a cool project to be a part of. I'm so thrilled for these two. I am trying to convince them to let me in the delivery room. Tastefully shot of course. How cool would THAT video be? Anyway, enjoy this one and try not to cry. You will most likely fail as it's a total tear jerker.

Robert + Emily + a Date Down Town

This couple is so cool! Robert does parkours so we would be wandering down the street and suddenly he would do some crazy flip off of a wall. Very awesome. They wanted a vintage look so I tried some different styles and techniques for this video. I think it turned out very cool. I am super hip and vintage. Look at me go. Things I love: Robert's awesome antics, Emily's cardigan, the happy meals, the kicking happy meal toy, Emily's ring. That is all. Watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn's Bridals

Autumn did her bridals at the Salt Lake temple on a Monday with her groom Matt. Smart smart girl! The temple grounds were all butt deserted, we could take all the time in the world with their pictures, and now the pressure is totally off for the actual wedding day. Love it. I also loved her shoes, her bouquet, and her DRESS!! Trax makes a brief appearance which is probably my favorite part of the whole video. Thanks to her cute mom, Barbie and her sister, Summer for being so sweet and helping things run super smooth. Fun fun day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cameron + Megan + A SLC Wedding

This is a gorgeous same day edit I filmed last weekend. Love this couple. They are so fun to look at. The night before their wedding I went and filmed their wedding dinner and bawled like a baby during the speeches. I hardly know these people but the love and excitement in the room was so thick you couldn't help but feel emotion. So awesome. I've been waiting for the perfect couple to use this song for months now! I love it. I also love the brides shoes. I dream of them. Is breaking and entering really THAT bad if you really really want someone's shoes? I think not. I'll let you know how that goes.

Greg + Kenzi + A Wedding

Here's a little same-day-edit I did recently. Stunning! Stu-NING! Kenzie literally looks too gorgeous to be a real person. The word "unfair" comes to mind. Such a pretty day and such an amazing family. These people are hysterical and so so cool. I could definitely hang with this family. Love the song choice (I may have had something to do with it) Love the dapper/handsome groom. Love Kenzie's shoes. Love gorgeous Kylee ;) That is all. Carry on. Watch the film. Stop reading. Press play.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brandon + Amanda + A Bella Vista Reception

Brandon and Amanda had their reception at Bella Vista and it was so much fun! I am totally obsessed with the car they left in. Pure perfection, that car. Every couple should have such a perfect car to leave their reception in. And Amanda's getaway dress is just about the cutest thing since the wheel. L.O.V.E

Friday, August 26, 2011

Josh + Melissa + The Perfect Reception

Loved this reception. Loved it. I'm a total sucker for a formal dinner reception. This one was dripping with elegance. Loved the darling flower girls in their adorable dresses flitting about the Thanksgiving Point gardens. Speaking of, LOVE Thanksgiving Point. Loved the bridal party-they were all so gorgeous and perfectly outfitted. It's like they were hired to come and look stunning and laugh and smile all day. And just you wait till you see the bride and groom dancing at the end. Hysteria ensues.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Josh + Melissa + Perfection

Josh and Melissa - the couple with impeccable taste. I'm not kidding every single detail was executed to perfection. Melissa got absolutely nothing wrong in this wedding: Dress-100% show stopper, hair-stunning, makeup-perfect, colors-stellar, bouquet-gorgeous. A+ for Melissa. If this song choice doesn't make you cry then you have a cold cold heart. Love it. Also loving all the darling little children running about making me laugh. Perfect weather, beautiful couple, love love love.

Josh + Melissa + Perfection from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Greg + Kenzie: Our Story

These two crack me UP! Sometimes their stories match and sometimes they don't and when they don't, I'm laughing out loud. So cute. Love these two! Can't wait to film their wedding tomorrow!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greg + Kenzie + Some Motorized Scooters

These two are so so gorgeous and so so fun! We had a total blast together. Never mind that I fell off my scooter. It was a not-so-graceful moment for me. Kenzie and Greg were laughing and joking and kissing and smiling the whole day. Always makes my job easier. And aren't these scooters awesome? I want one so bad after buzzing around on them all afternoon. Thanks so much to Ryan and the rest of the guys at Lyric! We definitely couldn't have done it without you guys!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Garret + Karli + The Perfect Reception

I am dying for this reception. I vote best of the season, for sure. I have dreams about their cake at night. I tell total strangers about their cake. Cutest cake I have ever seen hands down. With the candied apples, and the fondant pearls. In love I tell you. The colors were stunning, the details were perfection. Shabby chic at it's finest. And a gorgeous couple to top it all off. Heavenly.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chase + Allie + a Charming Reception

I had the privilege of filming my husband's cousin's wedding day and holy cow! The details that went into this reception are endless and amazing! So adorable! I always say that I would change everything about my wedding except the groom. This reception is an example of why. Things I love: The lemonade stand, the "bride" and "groom" signs, the baby getting bum pats (might be my child), the photos on the clothes line, the little boy on the monkey bars (might be my child), the rocking chairs, the jar lights hanging from the trees, the little girls giggling on the bench (again, might be my child - in the sweater - and niece), the darling candy table. Job well done, Allie! Love you guys!

Chase + Allie + The St George Temple

I will start by saying I love these two!! The groom is my husband's cousin so this was a family wedding. Hooray for family weddings! I love shooting family. I love family. So I have known the groom now for 10 years and we hadn't said so much as boo to each other until his wedding day. Let me tell you, kid is super cool! I love him! And I love DOVE his wifey - Allie is a total DOLL! Super unique dress, flowers, hair (I was obsessed with her up-do!) Very talented girl in the style department, I must say. Awesome day. Darling couple. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tyler + Nicole + A Swank Reception

Tyler and Nicole had their reception at Spark (a night club in Down Town Provo). Very hip. Very cool. Very Down Town. Also very dark - I was nervous about the dark but I think it makes the video look AWESOME! It captures the ambiance, no? Yes. Yes it does. Things I love: The cake, the freaking DARLING drinks, the eclectic flower arrangements, the fabulous fabulous car the couple left in ( I want to say it was a Lamborghini?), the red carpet, the first dance. Love, love, love.

Brandon + Amanda + The Big Day!

You wish you were at this wedding. Everyone is so dang FUNNY! Things I loved: Stunning Amanda, lively hysterical groomsmen, darling grandpa with his darling hat, Brandon's sweet dad and his camera, little boys in yellow ties, brief appearance by the rain (I love rain - in moderation), and last but not least, Brandon - Boy seriously had me in stitches all day long. As usual. Love this couple!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Gracie Girl

Meet Gracie. Oh my goodness, this little girl kills me. She is so so cute!! And so smart too! Her mom and I had a ball following her around all afternoon. She's a total doll. And how PERFECT is this song?! Loved this shoot.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt + Vanessa Wash a Car

Once again I nearly die laughing at a shoot. We had too too much fun with this one. Matt and I had to get ourselves into quite an interesting position in order to get the shots of Vanessa singing in the car. Speaking of the car, isn't it the coolest car ever?? I love it. I love these two!! They are so funny and awesome. We got along swimmingly.

Matt + Andgie + A SLC Wedding

Matt and Angie! I love these two too much! They are so easy to be with. And they are hysterical which is always a plus (you will see what I mean if Matt lets me post his prom request video on my blog. Please Matt?!!) This temple shoot was seriously perfection. The weather was fab, the crowds were low, and the subjects were stunning! Things I love: Angie's dress, Angie's earrings (are you kidding me with those things?!!), Matt looking straight out of the 60s with his awesome hair and his fabulous grey suit, Angie's necklace on her bouquet (soul sister ;) ), little boys in sweater vests. I'm a sucker for sweater vests. Enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Chris + Lauren + A Wedding

This is a same day edit I did the other day. Oh Chris and Lauren. How I love them. I think if I could choose to look like anyone in the world it would be Lauren. She is simply stunning. Do you love the song? Yes. You do. It is perfect. And I have to say I loved the wedding party! Everyone was so kind and loving all day long. I wish all my weddings were this fun. Love love. Yes yes.

Matt + Angie: Our Story

High school sweethearts! I love it! They have a super cute story. I especially like their first kiss story - ha ha ha. These two are totally in love. It has been so fun working with them. I can't wait for their wedding TOMORROW!!

Matt + Angie + A Couple of Go Carts

This shoot was hilarious! These two were so cute together. I was way excited to film with the go carts. What an original idea! There is a little cameo near the end of our little friend who helped us out all day - Dude had some sweeeet moves. Aren't Angies eyelashes unreal? Poor Matt is so tall he had to origami his body to fit in the go carts. We were dying. So so much fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chris + Lauren: Our Story

I was literally laying on the ground laughing at this shoot. I could barely get the shot I needed because I was laughing so dang hard. Chris had the brilliant idea to play croquet polo-style. So so funny. Maybe you had to be there, but I still laugh every time I see the piggy back shots. Are you kidding me with Lauren's perfect little croquet outfit and hat? To die for. And their story is DARLNG! I love it! Love these two. They feel like old friends at this point. I can't wait to see all the cuteness Lauren has in store for their wedding day. It's sure to be fabulous!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garrett + Karli: Our Story

Awe, so so presh. I loved editing this video. These two are MFEO!! Karli's tears at the end are so sweet and beautiful. Love this couple. Can't wait to film their wedding next week.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chris + Lauren Bake a Cake!

This video is so cute! Seriously one of my all time favorites. For reals. Things I am dying for: the song, the making of the cake concept, how gorgeous Lauren is, the chalk board, Chris' goofball whisk, the ugly cake, how cute this couple is together. Love. This shoot was SO FUN! We seriously laughed the majority of the time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tyler + Nicole + A Salt Lake Temple Wedding

I have affectionately nicknamed Tyler, Ken. Of Barbie and Ken. Because he straight up smiles and looks like a freaking Ken doll. And then there is Nicole, one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in person. Just saying. Such a fun and cute couple to be around. Kind, sweet, the whole package really. Love these two to pieces.

Amanda's Bridals

Amanda chose to do her bridals at the Salt Lake City temple and bring her fiance along. Smart girl. This takes a lot of pressure off from the actual wedding day. Things I love about this shoot: Amanda's eye makeup. Funny FUNNY groom Brandon and all of his antics. Amanda's stunning dress - I LOVE ivory for dresses. Tulips tulips tulips. Amanda's veil. Darling dynamic between the bride and groom. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in the sand. Things I did NOT love about this shoot: The heinous bugs at the Great Salt Lake. That part sucked. No bueno. Disgusting. Brandon had to straight up fish a BUG out of my eye. It was an intense moment. We are bosom buddies after that experience.

Nicole's Bridals

Nicole is stunning! Not much else needs to be said, but I will say more. Tyler (who is also stunning. Manly stunning) was so uncomfortable with being filmed. It was hysterical. I would tell them to laugh and talk and kiss and he would turn bright red. Regardless, he is a total natural in front of the camera! They both are! I love this couple. We had so so much fun.

Taylor + Shelby + A Vegas Wedding

Oh how I love Las Vegas. It calls to me. And how I love this couple! I don't think we stopped laughing the entire shoot. How cute is the baby with the black lacy leggings on her chubby legs? I could eat those legs. Shelby and Taylor are always a blast. They are so in love. It makes me wish I was 20 and getting married again. So darling.

Taylor + Shelby + A Dance Party Reception

This reception was too much fun! The food was delicious and the flowers were beautiful. Everyone was dancing and having a total ball. It was so much fun to watch Shelby and Taylor let loose and bust a move. You could feel the love in the room. Loved it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adam + Arielle + A Bicycle Built for Two

So so cute! I LOVE DOVED this shoot! These two are so fun and a total blast to work with. And it was hysterical to watch them attempt to navigate the unruly tandem bicycle. They were actually pretty good at it if you want to know the truth. They have the stinking cutest relationship and their personalities really shine through in this video. Love it. Love love.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josh + Melissa + Candied Apples

What a fun, fun afternoon! These two are so happy and in love. They were joking around the entire shoot which made it so easy catch really good shots. Melissa chose this song and I think it works perfectly with their date. Loving: the M&M candied apples, Melissa's purple dress, the cute cute dancing. Darling couple. Enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Craig + Morgan + A Cotton Candy Reception

I loved this reception. They had a cotton candy machine!? What?! so fabulous! And they had delicious Italian ices and darling little cupcakes. Yes to all of that. I loved watching this couple interact. They have the cutest sense of humor. You can totally feel how much they love each other.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tyler and Lindsey's Story

Oh my goodness, this one chokes me up! Wait till the end and you will see why. Lindsey is a friend of mine and I am so so excited to be filming her wedding! Albeit one week before I give birth, but hey, anything for my darling friend.

Tyler + Lindsey + A Vintage Reception

I loved this reception and all the eclectic and vintage touches. They had strings of white lights and scalloped tissue balls hanging from the ceilings. So so cute. They had dozens and dozens of delicious pies and hot chocolate for refreshments. Yes to all of that. Lindsey is my friend so I actually make a brief cameo in this video with my favorite photog McKenzie Deakins. Can you spot us? Can you? And I LOVED the "sign in book". So so creative. Love this couple AND this reception. Yes yes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

And the Winner is...

With 62% of the vote, the winner of our video contest is "I've Just Seen a Face"! For those who were wondering I edited "I've Just Seen a Face" and my talented sister, Charlotte edited "Spring in My Heart". Her video was my personal favorite. Thanks for voting everyone! It was so fun I think we might have to make a habit of these contests.

Craig + Morgan + The Mt. Timpanogos Temple

This is a same day edit I did of cute Craig and Morgan. They weren't expecting a same day edit and they were so excited and sweet when I brought it to their reception. This couple smiled the whole entire day and so did I. They seriously feel like old friends at the end of all of this. And isn't Morgan so so pretty with her dark hair and eyes? I always wanted brown eyes like Morgan's. Next time, maybe. Love this couple!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Taylor + Sheb + A Skate Park

Taylor and Shelby! I have totally fallen in love with these two. We had such a total blast filming this shoot. They are amazingly good skaters so we went to a skate park where I felt completely out of place but had a great time none the less. Then we snuck into the Riverwoods where we ran amok without getting caught. Take that Riverwoods! I'll show you to charge me to film in front of your shops. Anyway, these two are so totally easy going and fun to be around. I can't WAIT to film their wedding in VEGAS this weekend!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tyler + Lindsey + The Provo Temple

Lindsey is one of my girlfriends and I love her face! I tried to get her to marry my brother-in-law so that we would be related but it didn't work. It's alright though, because Tyler is an excellent man and I am very happy for them both. Lindsey has such eclectic and unique taste. I LOVE DOVE it. Are you kidding me with that bouquet? It's perfection! And if you like what you see now just wait till you see the reception...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harrison - A Day in the Life

This baby is one of the stinking cutest babies I have ever seen in my life. I want to munch his chubs! This is a video I made for my best friend McKenzie (of Photography by McKenzie). McKenzie's baby Harrison just turned 1 and had a big birthday party so I made this little video for the occasion. Enjoy the brown eyed goodness. Yes yes.

Shelby's Bridals

What a fun fun bride! She seriously laughed and smiled the whole day. I love this girl to pieces. And girl can bust a move! I'm going to make her do some serious dancing at her date shoot on Monday. More to come...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Craig + Morgan + A Contest!

My sister Charlotte and I shot this video together and each of us had a song we really wanted to use. I figured why not use both?! Using the same footage, she edited a video to her song choice and I edited a video to my song choice. Once they were finished we decided to make a contest of it. You can cast your vote in the poll on the left side of this post.

"I've Just Seen a Face"

"Spring in My Heart"

I'll let you know whose video is whose after the results are in.

Aren't Craig and Morgan the CUTEST?! I had so much footage by the end of the day I didn't know where to start. They are so attractive and so so fun to work with. I can't wait for their wedding this weekend. Special thanks to the cute ice skaters in the background who helped us out :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jeremy + Kylen + SLC Temple

I love this couple to absolute pieces! They are so totally natural in front of the camera, it's like they've been doing this for years. Things I'm obsessed with: Kylen's dress. The bouquet. Kylen's hair. The little flower girl's holding hands. To die for. I could eat this wedding. It's delicious.

Jeremy + Kylen + Fabulous Crystals

Oh Kylie. I love this bride. I affectionately nicknamed her "Kailan" (from Nihao Kailan - you know on Nick Jr.? Never mind) and she calls me Lill Bill. Loving that. Loving the baron branches dripping with pearls and crystals. So totally elegant and lovely. Loving the FOOD! Oh my goodness - Marvelous Catering can kill me with deliciousness. Loving my sister and my niece spinning and dancing. Loving my bestie McKenzie (of Photography by McKenzie) and my sister goofing off together. Loving this couple. Lots and lots of love.

Monday, January 24, 2011

James + Holly + A Bollywood Wedding

I am speechless. Well not quite, I will say this: This was hands down the most visually stunning wedding I have ever done. There, I said it. The colors were insanely beautiful, the flowers were off the charts, and the theme was so unique and fun! Bollywood! I love it! One of my all time favorite weddings for sure.

James + Holly + A Stunnning Reception

The colors in this reception are totally unreal! The centerpieces and flowers were executed so so perfectly. This reception was a total feast for the eyes. LOVED it! Such a beautiful couple surrounded by such an amazing family. This day was a treat to film. And could the song choice BE any more darling? I think not. Enjoy.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Brendon + Jerrica + A Date

What a darling couple! They were so natural and in love. They love to play miniature golf together so we filmed this at the Cascade Miniature Golf Course. Jerrica attempting to give Brendon a piggy back ride had us all laughing. I'm so excited for their wedding next week!

Brendon + Jerrica + A Manti Temple Wedding

This is a same day edit I did in September. I loved the bold colors the bride chose. So gorgeous. And this groom was the sweetest most in love man I have seen in a long time. Love this couple.

Brendon + Jerrica + a Wadley Farms Reception

What a fun summer reception! It reminds me of warmer times. I loved the sunflower balls and the buttons on the cake. Super cute! And I always love filming at Wadley Farms. Brendon and Jerrica were such a darling and easy couple to work with. Enjoy!