Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chase + Allie + The St George Temple

I will start by saying I love these two!! The groom is my husband's cousin so this was a family wedding. Hooray for family weddings! I love shooting family. I love family. So I have known the groom now for 10 years and we hadn't said so much as boo to each other until his wedding day. Let me tell you, kid is super cool! I love him! And I love DOVE his wifey - Allie is a total DOLL! Super unique dress, flowers, hair (I was obsessed with her up-do!) Very talented girl in the style department, I must say. Awesome day. Darling couple. Enjoy.

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  1. Of all the videos on your blog, this one had me captivated and choking on happy tears. Not sure what had me so taken by it - I don't know any of them. Anyway, Bravo.