Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Matt + Angie + An Outdoor Reception

I had no idea I came away from this reception with such amazing footage. I can't take credit for that. Angie did an amazing job with the details and their bridal party was too cool for me to even breath. I have such a crush on one of the guitarists. Don't tell him that. My favorite part? They couldn't find the knife to cut the cake so they improvised and used a candy scoop. I have never seen a cake cut so quickly and efficiently. Most couples battle for a good 2 or 3 minutes to get a piece of cake to work with that ends up looking like a massacred lump of crumbs. Not the case with the candy scoop as you will see. I think everyone should follow suit. And then there is the song. Lust for this song. I love love love when couples let me choose the music because THIS IS THE RESULT! This song is the definition of perfection for this event. Yes. Yes.

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