Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jordan + Katie + A Reception That Won't Quit

AHHH! Loved this reception. Here are the things I loved: The center pieces. The groomsman that turns his back on the picture taking when all of the others are posing like fools. The groomsman with the mustache that winks and flirts creepily with the camera. Katie's sweet dance moves near the end. Jordan's entrance to the underside of Katie's dress. Flower girls in fluffy dresses. Yep. Look for all of those things. Also look for me and McKenzie. I normally don't blatantly put myself in my couple's videos because they want to see their friends and family in their video, not me. HOWEVER! After vacationing together and spending so much time with this amazing couple, I think Kenzie and I totes count as family at this point. So there you have it. Enjoy.

Jordan + Katie + A Reception That Won't Quit from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

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