Friday, August 17, 2012

Jared + Kristy + A Shabby Chic Reception

I had a total BALL at this reception. And every detail was in order - a recurring theme when dealing with Kristy I have found. She's AMAZING! Things I love about this video: The cake. Perfection, that cake. Scott (blonde guy) and his AWESOME dance moves at precisely 1:37. I watched it no less than six times and laughed hysterically each time. Love. The bride's reaction to the groom up her skirt fetching the garter. The groom's face right before he tosses the garter. So cute. I give him the go ahead and he gives me this little nod. Loved that subtle little moment. Red pants man "wiggling" for the camera. The couple dancing together. Love their dancing. So so sweet. Enjoy!

Jared + Kristy + A Shabby Chic Reception from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

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