Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trevor + Kambri + A Reception at Sleepy Ridge

This family! They kill me! This is the second wedding I've filmed with this crazy bunch and I love them to absolute pieces! They speak my language. I'm part of their tribe at this point, I think. I could have showed up on Christmas morning in my PJs with some muffins and they wouldn't have thought twice about it. SUCH a pretty winter reception without being all IN YOUR FACE WINTER! They embraced the season without going Christmas-crazy or silver-snowflake-insane. Just lovely. And I love shooting at Sleepy Ridge. Such an amazing facility. AND they used Marvellous Catering which is always the best decision a human being can make. Things I love about this video: Peachie's Photo Parlor. Always a treat to film. The groom with his jacket slung over his shoulder as he chats with guests. Suave to the max. The bride's pretty facial expressions. The laughter in front of the cake. The flaming center pieces. The bride's fantastic dance moves. The photographer getting down and feeling caught - ha ha ha. The getaway car. Really just the whole dang reception was perfection so keep your eyes peeled for THAT! Love. Enjoy.

Trevor + Kambri + A Reception at Sleepy Ridge from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

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