Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Riley + Kenzie + An Elegant Reception

I love this bride so much. I mean I love the groom too, don't get it twisted. But Kenzie... she's my girl. This reception was one of those grotesquely perfect receptions - My favorite to film. People with good taste are the best kind of people. Then you add on top of it that they are all insanely kind an gracious. Such a total pleasure to spend the day with these people. LOVE the noisy groomsmen. ALL 20 OF THEM. YOU HEARD, TWENTY!!! They sang the happy couple a personalized song - all referring to their smart phones for the lyrics. So cute and funny. This is my kind of crowd. Happy. NOT shy. Dancing. Goofing off. And incredibly sweet, every last one. Good people. Good food (I might have had six crepes and made myself mildly ill. It's possible.) Loved the photographer too. Yep. Zero complaints. Enjoy!

Riley + Kenzie + An Elegant Reception from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

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